Track after track. Mavi continues to drop heat with his latest single Harriet. He gives us 14 bars of exquisite assonance and consonance. Speaking fluently and cohesively with the jazz centered production by Ajani Rowland. Lyrics that act as a tongue twister if the average person were to attempt to deliver them. Tapping into his extensive vocabulary with the use of “glossolalia”. Which is the act of speaking in a foreign language, especially in the case of religious phenomena.

“She just finished praying glossolalia got me feeling gracious

Go ahead and google glossolalia if you feel I’m cagey”

That’s the bar it was referenced in, exceptional word play. The play on words stretches much farther in context with the lines that precede them. Ultimately a metaphor regarding how he has graced the rap game with his arrival, the game being compared to a woman that is. Closing the record out he repeats the closing bar, alluding to Harriet’s courageous, heroic acts. Mavi too has come to the rescue.

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