Eto is representing Rochester with pride, he’s put in the hours and dedication to the craft for years. 2019 has been his for the taking. With three phenomenal projects out after the first six months, lord knows what the second half of the year has to offer. It is only right to celebrate the outstanding lyricist and vivid storyteller’s birthday by looking back at his accomplishments. He’s kept the stove on and has not stopped cooking.

January came to a close and the first taste of his vicious bars came with it. In the collaborative effort with Michigan spitter Willie The Kid over tremendous production by V Don. Heather Grey clocked in at six tracks, just under 18 minutes. A valid duo of emcees paired with an esteemed producer, a blueprint for success. Remember this is only the warmup.

Stream Heather Grey

Barely a month passed before the next project surfaced. This time linking up with acclaimed, veteran producer DJ Muggs for their 12 track offering Hells Roof. An ode to street maneuvers and dark lifestyle bars. Featuring accredited emcees Roc Marciano, Flee Lord, Big Twins, Mayhem Lauren, and Willie The Kid. He’s not going back and forth. An aggressive approach, keeping his foot on necks, no letting up.

Stream Hells Roof

In the middle of April, it was that time again. His third project of the year and hardly four months in. Teaming up with another high-caliber producer Superior for 10 tracks that resulted in Long Story Short. Sounds that were made for the descriptive narratives of Eto’s cold life. A soundscape that was wide open for him to tell his tale. He did so solo on the majority of the project with features from Skyzoo and Daniel Son.

Stream Long Story Short

This is where he gives us a breather. Time to take in all three spectacular bodies of work. All of which are still in heavy rotation. Rochester has a determined, prestigious, artist to call their own. An artist who potently paints pictures with his penmanship. Whether more music releases this year or not, Eto’s 2019 will go down as beyond solid.




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