See the world through the eyes of Ruben’s Evil. The Phoenix designer behind the brand Evil Forever. The brand started a little over a year ago, originally named Live Forever. Both are interchangeable to him, live backwards is evil. Every human lives with some sort of evil daily. It is an inherited trait that can not be exiled. No matter how far one tries to bury it.

Picking directly at this evil in various forms for his designs. Focusing on evil within well known social issues, calling for action to injustices. For example a shirt reminding people Andrew Zimmerman still walks around with no repercussions. Also blatantly direct messages like their “Shoot Your Local Pedo” shirt. Which I think both instances majority of people can come to the same consensus. Sometimes the only way to stop evil is with “evil”. The brand depicts this loud and clear. What some may see as taboo others see as simply getting it how they live. The only way the system allows them.

Kids just like Ruben can do what he is doing. He wants to be a prime example for them. If you have solid ideas and can execute them, what is stopping you? Nothing is stopping him. He is capitalizing on his mind which seemingly many people can relate to. His designs speak for everybody trying to live. Whether you claim to be evil or not, the content of his product is real.


Make sure to cop the “American Lifestyle” shirt this Friday and keep up to date with the brand below.




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