Lerado Is Still “Mildly Happy”

Lerado is one of the most interesting artists in the underground at the moment, that’s a given, but his path from here on out has left many with questions. With all of the recognition he’s received from his work with great artists like Nolanberollin and Bobby Raps, Lerado has lived the past year in near seclusion. Not because he is shying away from what is ultimately coming to him, but because he’s been hard at work making sure it’s how he visions it. Throughout his career he’s been “mildly happy”, a sort of simplified answer to his artistic inspirations. But the term goes deeper than the two words that at first glance give off a grim explanation.

Beneath the thickening dreads and clear glasses, a budding genius ready to upend the underground’s norms with unconventional beats and clear influence from some of the most respected rappers of the past decade. His latest project, Mildly Happy, has been anticipated for some time now, the anticipation growing the more we saw the reoccurring “78” across his social media accounts. From the jump, Lerado enters the stage with a story of going Back and Forth, spending his unwanted emotions splurging for expensive clothes and going days without laying down in his own bed. But then we get a reassurance with tracks like Im Ok, where a reminiscent and self-reliant Lerado makes an appearance.

This is where we get a peak at the other side of his life, a side that’s becoming harder to see through his coming stardom. He moves on through nine more tracks, giving us the standout singles (different opinions for everyone) Bro Nem and Just Try. Mildly Happy is and will be regarded as a monumental step in his career, and both long time and new listeners will be listening to it for months on end. Check it out for yourself below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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