After a short hiatus, KENNY V is back in with an irresistibly catchy new track entitled CHROME. With help from Geekhead and MitchFek on the production end, and DJ Phatt hosting the track, this is sure to catch your attention.

The track starts out with a slowed down modified version of the chorus. Teasing with the chopped section always gets me excited for when the real tempo of the song shows up.  The chime heavy melody gives the track an airy touch so that everything from the drums to vocals can stack on to it with ease. After teasing with the melody and introducing us with DJ Phatt’s signature “D-dddj Phatt”and Geekhead’s, the drums kick in right away. The 808s caught and hung on to my attention from the very start, and the hi-hats and snares on it are really quiet, adding to that stacking effect I was talking about that came with the melody.

All and all I wasn’t familiar with Kenny V when I first heard this song, but after coming back to it several times I knew I had to give it the praise it deserved. This song is great on all aspects from the production, to the lyricism. Everything is mixed just right to the point where I could be listening to before going to bed and I wouldn’t be sure whether to rage or try and fall asleep. I’m really excited to see what Kenny V has coming next and hopefully, he will drop soon. Check out the song down below and tell us what you think of it in the comments.



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