ssgkobe Makes A Bold Statement With His Debut Album “Closure”

The internet has chosen it’s next favorite, and ssgkobe is welcoming is rightful place as it’s golden child with open arms. The Louisiana newcomer began his career in the depths of the underground, working his way out the now overcrowded scene by simply showcasing his natural and unmatched talent. With little to no help, ssgkobe is in as good of a position as some of the very artists he may look up to for cross country success. Now, he’s making a bold statement and announcing his presence with his debut album Closure. Other than Northface, the featureless tape is without some of his most recent releases, giving kobe the right to pat himself on the back for delivering a refreshing and quality project all around.

Both fans and new listeners should give the new tape a listen, so make sure you check it out for yourself below.

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