Lil Kickdoe Is Back In “Drop Top Spaceships”

Dallas is in the presence of a budding great, and the rising star is here to prove it again with his new project Drop Top Spaceships. Lil Kickdoe is is easily one of the most slept on artists from the area, but with amazing production from CMajor, Big Cat, Sora, Turbotaxx, and he himself, he has the perfect foundation to deliver a soon to be classic tape that’ll both change the mind of critics and keep his loyal listeners satisfied for a while. The nine track offer is solid throughout, from the opening dedication to Slauson born Nipsey Hussle in RIP NIP, the motivational tone in iGetABag featuring Austin Skinner, to the smooth and relaxed single NJIK *AwwYeahh*. By the end of it all, no matter how you came across it, Drop Top Spaceships will make you come back for a second spin. Check it out for yourself below and let me know what you think in the comments.

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