nappy 01′ & mixed matches – Unwanted 2

Neilaworld has been taking over this summer, and are poising themselves as underground’s hidden band of heroes, having a helping hand in practically every great musician’s come up and project out there. Lukrative has essentially become Pollari’s Pierre, with him being responsible for 8/10 tracks featured on his upcoming project, Callari fulfilled his Billboard goal, and almost all of their producers have had the likes of icons like Tracy hop on their production, ending up on his forthcoming album Anarchy. Adding to the already hot summer that’s brewing, up and coming underdogs Nappy 01′ and Mixed Matches have finally released the sequel to their wonderful, short and sweet project Unwanted; and it’s heaps and bounds over the previous 5 tracks that seem outdated compared to number 2.

From top to bottom, this is a pretty well polished, refined project, and is easily nappy’s best work thus far. It feels like he’s unlocked a new level in his sound, which is most evident on the introduction to this euphoric dream; as it features multiple layers of dreamy layers that makes the song feel like a person’s mind in the midst of a panic attack. It made me feel so whole inside, like I was ready to listen to one of the best projects to come out this year; and my intuition was correct. Nappy carefully chose his 3 best singles to come out this year, even re-releasing a previously deleted song “my mind,” already out-doing the previous tape prior with those alone. But then when you look at the new batch of tracks him and Mixed Matches, they feature the two at their best. Nappy’s already iconic melody game remains unmatched compared to his peers, his charisma is off the charts throughout, especially on standout songs like “By My Side.” But even then, I don’t really think I can choose an exact favorite on here, in many ways this feels like nappy’s Die Lit; with him experimenting drastically with his flows, and Mixed Matches being in his bag the entire 19 minutes.

The beat on Cash Money Millionaire alone makes this tape legendary, the bounce throughout the track is perfect, and the mellow melody is ideal for nappy, giving him enough breathing room to shine, using his voice as an instrument almost; becoming one with the beat, a feat many artists fail to grasp. Each new piece of material makes me smile and convinces me that there’s no room for perfection for him, he just keeps outdoing himself. Every song on this second installment of collaborations between the two Neilaworld geniuses make me feel nothing but joy, something that I don’t feel too often, but through nappy’s bouncy, catchy bars and mixed matches masterful, euphoric production, I can’t help but feel joyous. Check out the spectacular 10 track effort below:

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