There’s this dude from Austin, Texas. An exceptional lyricist, surreal producer, a young go-getter. Coming together with an all-around creative force from Newark, New Jersey. Painter, visual artist, and most importantly in this case — profound producer as well as graphic artist. Two ambitious individuals with an outstanding gift for music. They both offer an against the grain mentality, grimy loops, sounds that are meant straight for the trenches. All of the outlets as well as rabbit holes that make them trenches in the first place. Revenxnt and Wiardon supply the sounds for any maneuver in the field, if you’re built for that.

False Klaims, a title that addresses what the game has surmounted too. The lies in the raps need to stop, if you aren’t cut from that cloth, quit the act. These two have nothing to cap on. Side A serves as the lyrical portion,  running barely over five minutes. It keeps the message short and sweet. Wiardon flows his thoughts over their collaborative production. Smooth transitions between each record, never losing the listeners attention. Quickly showcasing the array of eerie to empowering cuts.

Side B runs as a set of instrumentals. Immaculate piano loops to head-spinning sax, a jazz effect through the five beats. From heavy and full sounds, to ones that enhance relaxation. The two have minds behind the boards like no others. Flipping, chopping, and orchestrating in unison. Together they are a feared duo, on their Curry and Durant  numbers last season.


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