Josen is back at it again. With help from Kanekijoogin, the two give us BIHHHHHHH!. If you guys follow Josen at all you will know that he is one of the most versatile artist out right now. From making club songs, party anthems, plugnb, or anything really, Josen always kills it.

The song starts off with a something I both like and have seen commonly in the underground, a slowed down intro. It feels like you are getting a little tease of the song before you actually dive into it. That way you can be like “man, this slowed down part is crazy” and listen to the rest, or if you didn’t like the slowed down part you could skip on the track. From there, we get the first taste of the actual tempo and the beat just by itself. The beat features this really soft melody. Repeating on itself, again and again, it gives the illusion that you are in space, and that the notes are the stars shimmering around you. After this 10 second break of just the beat, we go into the main section of the song. The track is has a really light and airy hi-hat that compliments the soft melody I talked about earlier perfectly. The 808 that accompany the hi hats on this track is hard hitting but it’s not overbearing to the point that’s all you can hear and it flows with the beat gracefully.

Using autotune (to the extent that Josen is using) and going raw on track are two things you don’t get together in a single package very often. Josen has a raw and gritty voice on this track, mixing with the autotune he is using on it as well, makes for a super unique style that not many people can pull off. Another thing vocally I like about the track is you can feel the emotion behind it. His constant switching on flows from the chorus to the verse, along with his switching of pitches in the track make for a super fun listen.

There is little left to say about Josen other than you need to listen to him. His catalog of songs is crazy in the stylistic department, killing every single style he attempts.  If you still haven’t listened to a Josen song before, this is a good one to start on. Check out the track down below and tell us what you think of it. ##josenworld

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