Mavi – sankofa / warning

Two new tracks from Charlotte’s poetic lyricist Mavi continue his race to the top. With every drop he is climbing higher and higher. Elevating his tongue twisting  wordsmanship, sharpening his flow even though it is already as sharp as a katana. The context and the vocabulary never stoop to average level. His words hold the weight of a scholars. He brings us these tracks visually as he’s captured by mmxnc.

Sankofa”, a term that means “to go back and get it” or “to return” in the Twi language which is a variation of the Akan language of Ghana. Also it is representative of the Adinkra symbol of a heart or bird, which displays taking what is good from the past and bringing it to the present. A symbol of progression. Deep soulful vocals loop in the production by NovaBlu. The sun talks in exquisite patterns of alliteration , the sun is Mavi.

Transitioning smoothly after a subtle pause into “Warning”, he picks up on another soulful vocal loop. This time the tempo is slowed up for the soundscape brought by Ovrkast. Reminiscing on darker times, the baggage. Remembering his mind when it wouldn’t give him a chance to rest. Looking back on these times and moving forward, taking the lessons with him.

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