Producer Appreciation: Laron

Laron stays dipped into some of the best Hip-Hop. Frequently behind the sounds of artists in Talk Money Entertainment. Specifically Jay Critch, Mally Bandz, and Vendetta. This barely scratches the surface of where he’s tapped into. His productions speaks for itself, I have never heard a weak beat from him. Everything he’s responsible for has been enthralling. Beats that take you to outer space and ones that remind you of reality.

The range of his abilities is limitless. Tailoring his work to each and every artist that puts confidence in him. The confidence comes with good reason, his track record says it all. Holding it down for different artists throughout New York City in particular. When he is not in the lab for TME he’s putting in work with Slums NYC. Seen on the bonafide emcee Mike’s latest project Tears Of Joy. Find him producing for YL, Wiardon, Wifi Gawd, Uncle Bammo, the list goes on.

A master at chopping and flipping. He can create his own melodies even better. Providing sounds that emphasize each artists strong points. Flooding ears with the best of both worlds. Playful, light melodies to zone out to. Brain rattling 808s to get you moving. Regardless he’s taking you on a trip into his world on everything he crafts. Giving artists a solid setting to spit their own words over every single time.




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