The Overlooked: Mally Bandz – “Mally’s World”

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The place that Mally Bandz calls his home. He is a versatile artist representing Talk Money Entertainment. An array of melodic flows stand as his strongest advantage. Paired with lyrical context that put his daily hustles and maneuvers into picture perfect perspective. Mally’s World released in December of 2017, featuring eight tracks that talk money multiplication and everything that comes with that.

Designer clothes, frequent trips to the bank, recurring refills on his cup, and a lot of running it up. Pulling handfuls of women but never cuffing. Smoking straight gas-pack and putting himself out into the field everyday. This briefly describes what his words tell on this project. Displaying his vibrant vocals in excelling fashion on each track, sounding one with the beat and hypnotizing the audience. Over out of this world production from elite producers including Choppy Chan, AfterParty, NBHDNate, A Lau, Tony Seltzer, and Laron. They all provide sounds that blend exquisitely with each angle he comes with. Grabbing some special family features from fellow TME affiliates, Jay Critch and Justo TME. Not to mention Rich Forever CEO Rich The Kid too.

Mally’s World is a platform that Mally can stand proudly on. It establishes him as an artist and paves his own lane, his own sound. He has followed up with nothing but heat. A seven track project Root Of Evil and most recently, the second installment of Mally’s World. Continuing to create the soundtrack to his extravagant, fast lifestyle. He is a powerful player to have on the roster. TME has a championship worthy starting lineup.

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