Wiardon Has Been Moving All 2019

Austin’s young but wise beyond his years all-around Hip-Hop machine Wiardon can’t take his foot off the gas. Lead foot. In the past six months he’s been all over the map. Putting out a prestigious 11 track project titled Loose Endz in March, it’s been go mode since then. Hot single after single, two exquisite EP’s. Scheming In A Big Body and his latest Organized Krime. That dropped yesterday, three tracks with sounds of Detroit bounce and straight head knocking 808s. Lyrics of finessing and jugging, no flat pocket bars.

Rapping circles around the opposition. We haven’t even touched on his production placements. To kick it off he’s responsible for the “3D Outro” on Lucki’s outstanding Freewave 3. HBO is about to cut the check to use the song too. He caught the praise he deserved for “400$ Shirt” off groundbreaking Detroit artist Baby Smoove’s latest project Mr. Perfect. He stays in the trenches with it, providing sounds for multiple up and coming artists as well. 98 Chamberlain, StunnaManSam, Cam Bank$, Wasteey Monroe, and Lil Jae have caught his presence for tracks this year. With months left the possibilities are endless. The expeditious pace he’s kept so far gives a good idea where he’ll be at.



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