At this point, BBY KODIE is undeniably the greatest rapper to surface out of the underground in the past year; there’s just simply no one else out there who has the dance moves of Prince and the rhymes of Busta – no one. He’s been breathing life into music with him and his crew, Hollyworld producing some of the greatest projects this year. Broadday recently just dropped a terrific 8 track tape that is filled with dreamy YSL-esque vocals and flow schemes mixed in with the flavor and rarity of Houston; and Bigredshooter recently dropped off 3 solid debut tracks in a row. But today, it’s BBY KODIE’s day as he fuels the already hot summer with his remix of Lil Flip’s unforgettable classic “Game’s Over.” This is his 3rd southern homage track, and 4th remix of a classic, following up I’m Throwed, Milkshake, and BBY KEKE; and it may be one of his hardest yet. His flow throughout the whole 2 minute duration of the track is impeccable, with him spitting bars in a mellow, confident form, proudly announcing rolling off lines like:

“Aw shit, yall done fucked up/ Lemme get on Flip beat/Swervin inna 6 speed/Lamb with a big freak/ Swayin in that candypaint/The Evisu jeans and big teeth/Remember worryin’ bout my rent now i stay where the rich be/Both bapes untied, damn near almost tripped up/Big racks on me, I got bands hoe, dance hoe/Drip on my body what the fuck I needa stand fo/Move like a motherfucking fire flame piston/Still in that 6ix swervin round still driftin/Still H-town, hold it dine, still tippin’.”

Effortless rhymes like these are exactly why Kodie is the very best out of these new artists, and what seperates him from the rest of his peers; his unforgettable swagger and charisma. Every track he’s on, he’s speaking with purpose, and having fun with his songs. Every bar he says he has full belief in it, every bar he says he knows it’s hot. He knows he’s the best out, and flaunts his skills on each new song; pridefully holding “the south dine, forever.”


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