Premo Rice – A Night at the Chateau

A Renaissance man of his own terms. Advocating for strictly player shit. Not standing for anybody tricking, unless he’s the one turning them out. It’s a summer for the P’s and the Mack’s! D.C emcee Premo Rice presents A Night at the Chateau. 

Lingo that would make Iceberg Slim proud. Giving us relentless game within the lyrics, we didn’t even have to ask to pull his coat. Fly lifestyle music to make your plays to. Classic R&B cuts reworked perfection with new-school production values. Every beat is as smooth as butter, Premo doesn’t tolerate anything less. Taking listeners on a voyage of relaxation or motivating them to get in the field. It’s slight. 

With features from Aye Jae, King Joe, and San Francisco’s renowned P’ Larry June. Ten tracks of pure pimpin’ and bossing up.  His stable is in check, his money is multiplying, and he’s supplying top-tier raps. 

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