The Overlooked: Maxo – Smile

Def Jam’s Maxo has a way of telling his narrative in relatable detail. Unifying himself and the listener. Describing and exploring his conscience directly over the mic. Free thought. Thoughts that run through all our minds daily. He knows how to express them thoroughly. His demeanor is genuine in a world of phony people. Smile stands as his first official release, a groundbreaking moment and shift from the stylistic values that have flooded Hip-Hop. Reality raps from a human-being rather than a larger than life persona. 

Maxo makes a bold statement over eight enlightening tracks produced entirely by expert sound creator LastNameDavid. A realization of the importance of life and how soon it can be taken away. Making the most out of each day as he invalidates a stagnant lifestyle. Stories full of coming of age motifs are told in exquisite detail with poise. Problems with women, questioning the many faults in humanity, and the everyday hurdles he has to jump over embody his lyricism. Rhymes that paint pictures, put us in his shoes. Making it easy to relate to the shoes we wear on our own feet.

A display of raw talent, a glorious introduction to his many unmatched traits on the mic. The music is soothing, comforting actually. It acts as an audible testimony that we all are maneuvering through life, taking it day by day. What we do with that life is entirely up to us. Will you succumb to complacency or aspire to be the best version of yourself? It is clear which path Maxo has chosen.

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