The Overlooked: Fly Anakin & Tuamie – “Emergency Raps Vol. 4”

Melodies rooted in soul. Boom-Bap drum patterns that welcome Fly Anakin’s commanding flows with open arms. Tuamie crafts a 12 track soundtrack for Richmond’s compelling lyricist. A Mutant Academy classic. Emergency Raps Vol. 4 is an essential project for anyone who appreciates the artistry of Hip-Hop. 

Deep cut vocals seem to find their way into each track. Emphasizing the timeless effect. Timeless beats for timeless raps. The Virginia emcee brings his authoritative approach and lyrical context that are in their own dimension. In complete control of each instrumental with his words. He has no weak points, his delivery is flawless. Embodying the power of the microphone and illustrious production.

If his lethal lyricism isn’t enough, he brought along straight bonafide conglomerates. Sky Zoo, Henny L.O, Big Kahuna OG, Monday Night, AnkhleJohn, and Al Divino all put their words on the line. Bringing their own exquisite and untouchable flows to the function.  In its entirety, from the features, the production, the content, this is an undeniable display of pure Rap excellence.

Stream Emergency Raps Vol. 4