A Talk With WorldWarBlue

Harlem is home to a highly slept on individual, someone who is determined in what they are doing. A sound creator both instrumentally and vocally. His work ethic is top-tier, locking himself in on beats all day and night. Turning them into songs with ease, expressing himself fluently and making sure to put his current emotions into the music. This individual is WorldWarBlue, he’s on his way to breaking out. This is a name you better get familiar with, he’s here to stay.

At this point Blue has reached his desired sound. He feels everything is where it is supposed to be sonically, he can barely relate to his old music. The progression and overall life changes have allowed him to reach this peace. He put his all into his eight track project Love, Lust, & Envy. Showing he is more than capable of telling a story and expressing himself through a body of work. Not to mention it is almost entirely self-produced. This is just a glimpse of what he has in store, he has only leveled up since its release.

Our exclusive premiere of his latest visual for the Crackhead produced “Make Believe” is featured below. Tackled by visual perfectionists FoodEatsChris behind the camera and Revenxnt with the sharp edits. Followed by a brand new interview, tap in now:

When did you decide to become WorldWarBlue? 

Last year I just realized Baby Blue was kind of corny. Every time you looked me up the Action Bronson song would come up and that shit got me mad so I had to switch it up. WorldWarBlue just always sounded fire ass hell to me.

What did you get into first, producing or rapping?

I got into producing first and I started it as a joke in class using garage band back in 2016 but then I started taking it seriously in 2017. 

How have things changed since you first started up to now? 

My sound has changed a lot I would say and I think I’m finally where I always wanted to be. I got the sound I want and the level of production I wanted to get to but honestly it feels like I didn’t start until this year. I don’t know, everything just feels different I can’t even relate to my music for 2018 or 2017 anymore.

That makes sense, you’ve made a lot of progression and changed overall as an artist. How would you describe the sound that you’ve captured?

I would describe my sound as laid back I want my voice to evoke that I’m chilling and unbothered, you feel me. Lately I’ve just been freestyling because it’s easier and I can just say whatever’s on my mind.

As for my beats I always want to keep that dark sound but now I’ve been moving towards more spacey, futuristic sounds with layers because I feel like they kind of tell a story. When you don’t want to hear my voice anymore you can just tune out and hear all the other voices I created.

Definitely, you know how to reel people in with the layers and keep their ears from losing interest.What is typically on your mind when you freestyle?

Usually whatever’s going on in my life and what I want to happen in the near future. To keep it a stack I feel like my lyrics are simple but they honest and me. That’s why people fuck with it and relate so much but it’s the beats that I put my most love into.

What are your favorite beats you’ve created? 

I think my top three this year is “Facetime”, “Victims” and “Fallin” with Redda.


What does your typical day look like?

Honestly bro shit really boring I wake up make some beats or songs if not I’m out playing ball with Lunch and Zay. Then I’m up until like six A.M smoking and making more music.

How many beats/songs do you normally knock out? 

it depends like if I’m inspired and locked in then I’ll make like six beats in two hours. If I really fuck with the beat it takes me like 30 minutes to make a song.

You got a whole lot in the tuck then! What releases do you have coming up? 

Well currently me and Jai working on a project called WORLDWARDAYTONA and it’s just going to be us on the tape and beats. Then I’ve been working on a tape since I came back from Miami, I don’t know when I’m dropping either of these though to be honest. The Miami tape most likely going to be before the summer is over but I won’t make any promises.

Looking forward to hearing them both, what’s one thing you want to make happen before the year ends?

Thank you bro can’t wait for you to hear both of them. I don’t know if I’m going to structure it like how I did LLE. 

One thing I want to make happen is get some type of placement or recognition. Lately I’ve just been feeling myself and I hate that I’m slept on but I’m not going to sit here and bitch about it I’m just going to keep working harder like I have been since the year started.  I want to do hella’ shows, hella’ interviews, all that I just want people to know who I am and that I’m not going anywhere anytime soon 

You are extremely slept on bro but people are about to start taking notice. The music alone and the amount of work you’re putting in are going to take you a long way. What differences in structure are you thinking about making? 

I’ve noticed my shit going up and I love that I’m finally being heard, my tape this year was really big for me. I’m surprised so many people fucked with it because I honestly thought it was going to flop.

I liked how I structured LLE because all the beats and songs just blended seamlessly and told a story. That’s how I want people to treat it, like a story. With WORLDWARDAYTONA I want to do something different but we still don’t know how to tackle it, as for my other tape I want to keep it as a story too and treat it as a sequel to LLE because I feel I’m not on that simp shit anymore. I’m happy, I’m doing my shit, I want people to hear the aftermath and see that I’m doing well for myself.

I think that sounds like a great way to show your progression not only musically but the changes in your lifestyle. Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers? 

Thank you, I want all my songs to be something that somebody anywhere can relate to. I just want to say go get my single on all platforms me and Redda went crazy on that! Shout out to you for giving me this outlet and opportunity to talk my mind, say what’s been goin’ on I fuck with Fresh Fruit for kickin’ it with me, for real.