The 6 Best Lines From Teejayx6’s New Project

For those who are unfamiliar, Teejayx6 has made a name for himself in the underground by releasing songs in which he discusses his criminal exploits in great detail. Whether it’s describing how to commit credit card fraud, or outlining the exact methods needed to steal someone’s identity on the deep web, Teejayx6 is an artist combining trendy DMV punch-in flows with vividly descriptive storytelling. In honor of the rapper’s innovative stylistic and lyrical choices, we’re narrowing down the 6 best lines from his newest project, Fraudulent Activity for your reading enjoyment.

  1. Pop my family members and I hid em in the van // told my lil cousin sell some weed at our lemonade stand (“Wells Fargo”).

Teejayx6 starts off his project strong by explaining to listeners that for him, business is truly a family affair. The fact that he’s taken his little cousin under his wing and is teaching him how to operate a well-run lemonade/weed distribution business shows that the rapper is dedicated to helping the people he cares about most succeed. This line makes it clear that Teejayx6 is also a savvy investor, given the fact that he’s getting his younger family member involved in the $10 billion cannabis industry at an early age. Seeing as this industry is continuing to grow every day, it’s likely the rapper’s business acumen will get his cousin off on the financial footing he needs to be a prosperous businessman in his own right, proving that Teejayx6 is a family man before anything else. 

2. Scammed a n*gga across the world and he say he’s gonna kill me, took a flight to philly just to get a philly steak cheese (“ALLAH”)

It takes a few songs to truly understand the far-reaching impact Teejayx6 has on the world in which we live, and these bars about a man in another country plotting on his demise drive the point home that this rapper’s criminal activity isn’t confined within our country’s borders. Additionally, Teejayx6 demonstrates that he’s not only a man of intrigue, but a man of fine dining as well, unbothered by the stressors associated with criminal enterprises. His inclusion of the Philly Steak Cheese (also known as a ‘Philly Cheese Steak’) line suggests that not even a man hellbent on his destruction can prevent him from enjoying one of life’s great food-related luxuries. 

3. A fiend tried to run off on my money and I cut off his fingers, catfished a lame white boy for $6,000 on tinder (“SilkRoad”)

There’s nothing more respectable today than a man who’s comfortable with his masculinity. The fact that Teejayx6 would pose as a woman on Tinder proves that he’s willing to drop the conventional traits that men naturally exhibit in order to explore his feminine side. The rapper’s honesty regarding the topic of Tinder role play is likely to open up a dialogue in the sometimes-toxic, male dominated world of Hip-Hop. Hopefully, these bars will lead to more discussions about gender-fluidity and the ever-changing definition of what it means to be a “Man” in modern society. Also the part about him cutting off a fiend’s fingers is hard. 

4. Shot my cousin cause he tried to prank me // Ran from my momma cause she tried to spank me (”3:52 pm”)

Many rappers will excuse just about any behavior that a family member exhibits, solely due to blood relation. Teejayx6 knows that this acceptance of negative actions isn’t just detrimental to his mental health, but to his scamming business as well. Pranking involves lies and deceit, two elements a successful scammer can’t afford to keep around him. If a cousin is willing to use deceptive tactics to prank, what’s stopping them from using deceptive tactics for a set up? Teejayx6 sees right through his cousin’s “practical joke” and nips it in the bud before real damage can be done (by shooting him), proving that he’s one of the most intelligent and perceptive rappers in the game today. The second line in the bar opens fans’ eyes even more to the type of person Teejayx6 is. It’s clear after listening that the rapper prescribes to the ideology that physical punishment is something parents shouldn’t use against their kids. It’s become exceedingly rare for underground rappers to take a stand for social justice causes they believe in, seeing as doing so could alienate their fan base. The fact that Teejayx6 would go out of his way to promote the belief that spanking children is an unhealthy method of discipline shows that this rapper is a positive role model every parent can learn from. 

5. White girl and her name is Katie, I had her get some iPhones // eating good I need lipo what you wanna lose your life bro? (“3:52 pm”)

During this particularly trying time in American history, the country is more divided than ever. It seems like every day, people of different races and ethnicities are at odds over injustice and the feeling like their specific side is being underrepresented. Thankfully, Teejayx6 is trying to bring these groups together through the power of music, as evidenced by his employment of a Caucasian girl named Katie. It’s possible that Teejay’s attitude toward employing people of ethnicities different than his own will inspire other business owners to do the same, creating a richer, more diverse workforce, and healing the divide that’s kept America from becoming the united country it once was. No one knows who’s going to be president in the upcoming election, but if Teejayx6 continues to bring our nation together, it’s likely he’ll be Commander In Chief when he’s eligible in 2040. 

6. In honor of Teejayx6’s penchant for scamming, we have scammed you, the reader, into believing there were 6 lines in this article. We are only giving you 5. You’ve been had.