Rvmbokash Unloads “Them Vs. Us Pt.2”

The DMV is ripe with talent, and it doesn’t look like it’ll cease from putting out a whole new wave of hit makers. One of the areas most underrated talents is Rvmbokash. His darker than usual style in his latest project Them Vs. Us Pt.2 stands between the grainy textured music in Soundcloud’s not so distant past and the quickly growing DMV trend that has taken over this year. Backed with production from the likes of Brodinski, Chao$$, KiddBeatz, Jeff, Nerdcoke, 4am and several other A-list producers, Rvmbokash has all the resources he needs to deliver a classic project. But there’s much more to Rvmbokash, it’s only when you take the time to pick through his catalog that you’ll see just how much he’s grown creatively over the past few months alone. He should be on everyone’s watch list at this point. Until his next release check out the project for yourself below.