YGR Drops A Smooth Summer Hit With “Hopscotch”

The flow and cadence that a rapper possesses are honestly the most important things one can have; it drags the listener in and keeps their ears at bay, paying attention to every vocal switch up and flow changes. It’s a hard thing to master, many fail, but many game-changing legends like Young Thug have prevailed, and paved the way for many artists to come. One artist that has been make waves in Houston doing the same, is YGR. He has some of the slickest flows you’ll hear, from songs like Cook Up, Do It Again and Legit, his variety of beautiful cadences and numerous flows have been evident for quite sometime, but on his latest song Hopscotch, he reaches another level. It features this sparkly, vibrant piano melody that blends in with YGR’s voice as he becomes one with the beat, reciting wonderful lyrics like:

“Pussy sweet, banana split/Cannibal how i eat it up, but i love cannabis/Michael jackson how I beat it up but ain’t no dancing shit/Ain’t no gunna we don’t speed it up, just slow it down a bit/Which one? The benz and the jag/Fuck it might pull up the Benz and the Jag/Know these bitches hop scotch cause they lame and they sad”

His flow makes the song whole, as he fuses his energy with the instrumental, crafting a monumental track that showcases his masterful rapping skills and amazing use of cadence, ultimately making the grooviest track of 2019. Check it out below: