cholopunx – birkin

Cholopunx hasn’t released much in the past year, instead, spending the time honing in on his sound and experimenting more and more everyday, trying to reach a new level of depth in his musical abilities; as evident of his mid-May release “Can’t Catch Up!” It seems like he scrapped his last anticipated project “Mundo De Cholo” and has been working on a new EP “Summer Slime,” and his latest single “Birkin” has ensured that it’ll be one that’s worth waiting for. He’s supported by some superb production as typical of his spectacular ear for beats, bringing in lifted and sspiketrap to help support him on this one. He goes for the more melodic route this time around, which has been increasingly getting better over the past year, and the track sorta acts as like a goodbye to the old days, the old friends and habits that are now behind him. He talks about his constant hustle, his drive to work, delivering hard-hitting lines like “OG said keep your head down, I’m just trying to keep working” in a wonderful upper-register tone that goes along with the mild auto-tune, constasting perfectly. “Birkin” is a sign of growth for Punx, signalling a new beginning and a new era for him, one that I, and every single one of his fans are excited to see.