chach – eighteen

The underground is always evolving into different sounds. Right now there is a movement to make some very ethereal and heavenly sounding songs.

Enter Chach. If you aren’t familiar with him you better start getting ready his takeover. He is an artist with a heavy background in producing and rapping, and for his 18th birthday he released one of my favorite tracks of the year, entitled “eighteen”.

With maknae on the production end of this track, it’s one to remember. The song starts out with a synthesizer panning in and out creating that ethereal sound that I previously mentioned. From there we get the build to the where the lyrics come in. the song used the synthesizer as the lead melody of the song, stacking effects like a heavier bass-filled string, and glossy star noises (It’s incredibly difficult to describe the sound, but that would be my best attempt). From there, we have a simple yet clean reverse hi-hat that pans into the chorus of the song. Everything that I just described is within the first 30 seconds of the song. There is a lot going on in this section, but it is all put together and mixed so well, to the point that if someone told me single instrument could make all those sounds at once, I’d believe it.

The chorus of the track, however, is where the real action starts to come in. The 808s that everyone loves that hit extra hard in the car that makes you turn your volume to max, paired with nicely placed snares and hi-hats. Though the lyrics on this track are what captivated me the most.

 Swerving in Mercedes // Geekin as of lately // Love me your like we’re eighteen // Keep on separatin’ // This a side that I can’t show her // Act like I don’t know her // Now that I got older // My heart got colder //

If you aren’t enchanted by the lyrics (especially when the song is actually being played), you need to listen to this track again – because there is something special about them. The fragile feel and emotion in the vocals add so much more than what can be described.

I believe this track is a coming of age for chach. Not just literally because of his 18th birthday (hence the song named eighteen), but also him finding his own individual sound. If you have a heard a chach track before, you know that he experiments a lot with different sounds. This is a new age for him and I think it fits him perfectly. Check out the track down below. Also shoutout his collective Bbloodhounds.