Lil Xelly & Lil Gray Unite For “50 Shades of Xrr”

Lil Xelly has remained the highlight of the year for many of us in the underground, continuing to bring us new and refreshing music in the form of perfectly crafted projects. His latest offer is an 11 part journey with Lil Gray titled 50 Shades of Xrr. From beginning to end the two display a remarkable level of chemistry over incredible production from the likes of Sparkheem, Illmind, Mannyvelli, and Johnny Carvaggio. The evolution of Xelly hasn’t reached a peak point, and his steady progression is evident in tracks like Above and Srt, characterized by high energy and quick punches. He switches it however in tracks like Xan High, which is drastically slower and a lot smoother. Regardless of your taste, 50 Shades of Xrr is sure to please and keep you coming back for more long after the first play through. Check it out for yourself below and let us know what you think.