An Interview With Jiles Of Van Buren

The average reader (or human in general) may have little to no idea of what New England is. New England is a northeastern region of the United States comprising the states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. What people are slowly starting to see is the artistic movement within New England that has recently been producing some of the best music to come out this year. 


I spoke to a rising contributor of the movement by the name of Jiles (hailing from the Van Buren collective). Jiles recently dropped his EP “Fuck JIles” a few weeks back and it’s a powerful display of creativity and honesty. Here was our conversation:

Lonny X: Yo before we start, I have a couple questions..

Jiles: I’m listening 


NBA by a mile.

How do you feel about vegetarian options?

Nothing wrong with it, Americans need to start eating healthy anyways, including me.

Ok now we can start this – After some thorough listens and being able to see you perform some of these songs live, I wanted to congratulate you on being able to craft this product. As an artist myself, I know that it takes a fire within to produce the records that you did. Where did all this energy brew from?

Thank you bro. That fire just came from being in my environment and just feeling like the walls are closing in. I think I work best when under pressure and with this project I treated it like it was my only way out of this unfortunate situation I grew up in. Not to mention I was on a strict deadline to finish the project as well.



From the rapping, to the production and recording – Can you tell the people about how the process went? Were the contributors featured on the project there with you? Did you write in the studio or by yourself? What did you learn about yourself as a creative?

For the most part the recording process was just me and Sahmeer (my engineer). We locked in for hours everyday and recorded music. During the mixing process, that’s when I leaned heavily on Luke Bar$.  

He knows me best when it comes to music since we did “2 Sides” together earlier this year. Him and Sahmeer sat down and and handled the mixing process. I was in the studio for those days but I deff relied on Luke and his ear. I usually write at home, the only songs I wrote while at the studio were “Pudding” and “Nic Nacs”. As a creative this project made me realize the patience and respect you need to have to create a project, and by respect I mean respecting your craft and your music and knowing everything will come together because you’re great at it. I had doubts throughout the making but I always respected my musical ability and knew I’ll figure it out and that’s when the patience comes in.


Your voice is extremely distinguishable and on tracks like “Nic Nacs” (which is the undeniable standout for me) your flow and delivery is uncanny. Without straying too far from the overall topic at hand – Can you explicate some of your inspirations? 

Kinda like I said earlier, my environment, my upbringing. I didn’t want to rap about the same things as everyone else. I want to tell my story. Van Buren was a big inspiration as well, seeing them work as hard if not harder than me is always inspiring. 


I also must add the cover art is a high point to the project. Would you like to give some insight of the underlying meanings if any? Who shot it? It’s perfect.

The cover art was the tone setter for the project. I reached out to fufunsoup who shot Meech’s “Ninefour” cover art. His speciality is film and black and white, and that’s what I needed. The only request I had for him was that I wanted it to be honest, and true, and from there he made it happen. I gave him my project to get somewhat an idea of a direction I wanted and we both came to an agreement about the underlying theme for not only the shoot but the project was catching the pain, vulnerability, and raw element. It was hot as hell that day and I was sweating and I was going to wear a black tee but I said, “Fuck that we shooting with no shirt on.” I love myself and I wanted to keep the theme of vulnerability going so he suggested we just do the whole shoot with no shirt. He’s such a talented person, he turned my lyrics into picture form with the cover art and I’m forever grateful. 


I like the project a lot because of how you organized the themes and textures. The comfortable nature of speaking on your struggles and early shortcomings is inspirational. It wasn’t “struggle rap” it was triumphant. Can you give people that may not have listened yet an inside scoop of how you came up in life?

It’s funny because a lot of people didn’t know I have been through a lot growing up, even those close to me and in my opinion that’s good. I never seen a reason to speak on such negativity, violence, and low income situations. I vent about it, these artists brag about it, huge difference. Some are glorifying and bragging about being in the “Trenches” and in “The Mud” and that’s wack to me cause that shit real life, that’s not a badge of honor, if they really came up like that, they’ll know how hard it is to put in the music. I don’t really like speaking on my upbringing unless its in the music. That’s when I’m most comfortable and take full ownership, so if they want the inside scoop just listen to my records 

Thank you for your time man. Let People know whats up! Where can everyone find the EP?

Fuck Jiles is on all streaming services, Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, Soundcloud, etc. Run them numbers up. 



Twitter: @Jiles

 Instagram: @onevanjiles