Dolly – Broken Ft. Chach

I can’t help but think about bad things lately, it’s been like this for seemingly forever but this year has probably been the worst. I haven’t been in the best mindset lately nor have had the most exciting time. My anxiety has been the biggest pain, I can’t really talk to people, every time I’m in a room full of people I start to sweat and rock my leg back and forth, and fiddle with my hands or gnaw at my nails. Every day i always need a escape and lately the only thing that’s been in my playlist is nothing but dolly. He’s been crafting some of the most authentic and refreshing music all year long. Songs like ucanthelpme, istillmissu, whyamisonumb and miley cyrus are just absolutely insane. And to think he’s coming up with masterful verses like clubbing w/ kiryano and he’s only 15 is unbelievable.

Recently, he came out with a new single, featuring production from the iconic lovbug and a special verse from chach. Lovbug kills the production as per usual, knocking it out of the park with the wild synths and the amazing beat progression on here; I love it. Every time lovbug links up with dolly, you know it’s gonna be a hit. Dolly’s verse is fluid as ever, with him surfing the production as if it were a wave, with complete ease. Dolly’s choice of features is also another impressive knack he has, he always has an ear for talent, and chach delivers. The pass off from dolly to chach is amazing, with him fluctuating his vocal inflections throughout his verse with beauty. “broken” is yet another smash hit from dolly and it has probably amassed over 100 listens already from moi. Check it out for yourself below: