Do You Really Need Management?

Artists have a lot cut out for them. At some point, most likely after months or years of making music and promoting themselves, they start to realize how much having at least one other person in their corner could help. The first position they would try to fill is management, and rightfully so. Having a good manager could mean more than having someone to handle promotion.

The ideal manager would want to wear many hats. On a day to day basis that could mean anything from sending out press releases, coordinating talks with labels, booking shows, and of course supporting your creative process, whether that’s just being another ear and giving feedback or actually being hands on.

What you shouldn’t expect is a manager that will be a fix-all to your problems. Yes they will dedicate most if not all of their time to you, but a lot of it will be trial and error. After a period of time you’ll know if they are a good fit, especially if they offered their services to you first. But however you and manager develop a relationship, if you are patient persistent in the right moments you’ll be able to enjoy a long and successful career.