The Resurgence Of Kaine


Kaine, also known as Duwap Kaine, appeared on the scene three years ago at age 14. His distinct autotune flow has been a reference point for many of the new-coming artists. They have paid homage or some may say bit his style. Regardless Kaine has stayed true to himself. Over the past month, the now 17 year old phenom has dropped a track nearly twice a week. Seven melodic and hypnotic tracks released strictly on his Soundcloud with no warning.

As an artist he has been known to pop in and out of the spotlight. Going ghost and reappearing with a vengeance. He does so on his own terms, he makes the rules. Without feeding into mainstream tendencies or succumbing to the pressures to conform. Kaine is in a world of his own. Consistently using production from some of the finest underground beat crafters. His most recent releases feature the likes of Spyroh, Leansama, Casok, SenseiATL, Hanzo, Eera, Sky, and of course, himself.

He raps over these astronomical and cartoonish beats with undertones of autotune singing. Spaced out music for a rich lifestyle or those dreaming of such lifestyle. We can only hope he keeps dropping and making noise. At this moment he is flourishing as the audience reaps the benefits. This is the resurgence of Duwap Kaine, he has drawn a line in the sand and will not switch up.