Fresh Fruit Picks Of 2019

The year is far from over, but so much music has already been released. Our team decided to give you guys a short list of our favorite songs this year.

Trademark’s Picks

Autumn! – Chuck Norris 

Autumn has been having a really good year and is honestly one of the more slept on artists of this next generation. He and Summrs are leading the charge, and we even go so far as to say the very sound they have pioneered has a heavy influence. Vocal presets, like the one he wields in Chuck Norris, is oddly reminiscent of Lil Uzi’s in Loaded, but a little more enjoyable when combined with his quick cadence.


RewindRaps – WTFYD

If you need something to help you escape whatever woes life may throw at you, look no further than RewindRaps WTFYD. No matter what mood youre in, his delightful flow over XanGang’s tailored production is enough to get some kind of movement out of you. The rest of his catalog is great but WTFYD will no doubt go down as one of his best releases.


Fifty Grand – Summer Rain Ft. Kankan, & Mixed Matches

Mixed Matches and Kankan trading out over Fifty Grand’s delectable melody set the bar high for the summer, but now as time has passed and we’re entering the new season the track is starting to look more like song of the year. Both sides of the single, Mixed Matches angelic renditions and Kankan’s flex, is more than enough to keep you coming back for more.


Loro’s Picks

Fn & Saturn – No Show 

The Bbloodhounds are back at it again. Showing two of their finest members fns & saturn is a new track entitled no show. The track starts out with an extremely unique melody produced by uglyzucc, consisting of an electric synth, something you don’t see very much in the scene currently. Another melody lays itself over the top of it making the complete melody, shortly before the drums come in. The track flows together extremely nice and makes for a great listening experience. This is a track you can surely enjoy in the car or even play it at a party.


Kketamine – Blurry

We have covered kketamine before here on Fresh Fruit, but nothing like this. Kketamine has recently taken a completely different turn with his sound in music. Instead of going for just one sound is his music, has taken a path which let’s him experiment and have fun. blurry is a perfect example of this. Most of his previous songs have been fast paced tracks with a lot going on in then, however with this track, he slows down the track and makes it feel like something you could relax to if you are having a stressful day. tomekk & baslle made this track such an easy-going listen with the soft melody and drums.


Lil Xelly & Larry League – Men In Black

Produced by ZitiBetas, the track has an old school plug beat feel to it, so it runs a bit like a throwback until you hear the modern touch of wordplay and flow from Xelly and  Larry League. The track is sure to grab your attention with its bumping 808s and psycodelic melody.


SEBii – Flux

Possibly one of my favorite artists growing in the scene this year has to be SEBii. There is no one like him in the scene doing anything remotely close with their voice. This track, like no other is a certified attention grabber. Flux, featuring the production of Internet Moneys sidepce, is one that grabs you by the throat and won’t let go. Showing off his producing skills with an elegant guitar melody over explosive drums. 


Kite – plsloveme444

Kite, along with help from lilac & maknae, created a heavenly piece with plsloveme444. This track is the definition of atmospheric. From having the raindrops at the beginning of the track making you feel like you are listening in on a rainy day, to the drop in the track making you feel like you are playing Kingdom Hearts, this is a track to remember.


Tupacarti’s Picks

Dolly – ucanthelpme

The only other rapper who could pull of a nxc track like this is probably kidtrash but even he was astonished at the brillance Dolly displays on here. Dolly absolutely glides over the upbeat vinso production and hits all sorts of different flows and cadences throughout the tight 2 minute runtime. The hook is as captivating as ever, and Dolly’s voice in an elevated tone only elevates the track. I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve played it since it debuted in May and with each listen, it just gets better and better; it’s become my daily injection of solitude.

There is something special about Dolly, he’s probably the most gifted rapper to rise up out of the underground this year; and he’s only 15. Ever since his first song “tommyice!” debuted back at the top of the year, he’s gone on a streak that’s only continued to get hotter as time passes. I don’t know how he does it honestly, it’s jaw dropping at this point. For years I’ve been listening to producers like ddertbag, winter and kiryano but with the numerous rappers to hop on their left field, electronic-influenced production, not many have been able to hit the right pockets as much as Dolly does (with the exception of uknoxoxo). Songs like “fivehundreddays” and “whyamisonumb” are so perfect, from the beautiful flow, the perfectly timed background vocals, the beat progression, the comforting held-out highnotes by dolly that are lain throughout the beginning; it’s masterful. Everything dolly does is masterful and this isn’t even his peak. There hasn’t been a single song like “ucanthelpme” that’s been done so elegantly.


braincoat, accounta & ddertbAG – ME&U

I’ve been captivated by all 3 of these producers for sometime, particularly accounta and ddertbAg. They’ve been consistently bringing some of the most refreshing production to come out of music period and the fact their still this slept on makes me sick. But braincoat has been pretty new to the scene, yet his skills are far beyond just beginner status. He’s crafted these flat-out entrancing instrumentals like “teen rocket” that bring you into a “dreamworld.” All 3 of these guys are already considered producer gods on their own, so what could the outcome be if they joined forces? Their first collab came in a few weeks ago and it’s easily the most innovative and most enthralling track I’ve heard all year long. First off, the progressions on this track are absolutely out of this world, it’s like a multi-genre time capsule; and were not talking about the pain-aching cliched beat switches of Travis Scott. It starts off with a head-nodding introduction into these luscious synths and that play like kisses on your ear. The transitions are so delightful as well, as they lead into these soothing vocals that align so wonderfully with the bright and vibrant chords and synths; it’s just pure musical beauty. Every time you’ll listen to this it’ll take you on a trip, and that’s what all music should make you enter; a dreamland.


Belis – venice

Belis has been on a run as of late, with each track showing her incredible knacks for catchy hooks, infectious flows, and showcase her embracing her vocal range;using her medical condition as an advantage to reach higher registers that bring joy to the ear. A few weeks ago she dropped off, in my opinion, her best song yet, Venice. It features a wonderful beat by Mochila and Romeo that she absolutely kills, aligning perfectly with the bright tone of the production. Her voice is so soothing, I feel like she could recite a short story and put me to sleep in an instant as if I were 7 again.



If your not onto BBY KODIE already, then you needa catch up. This man is hands down the most promising young talent to come out of Texas in years and he’s bringing an entire wave with him in the form of Hollyworld. All because of Kodie, I’ve found so many other talented acts like LIX, no friends, Dennis, bigredshooter, Paris aden and the list goes on and on. Bottom line is, him and his crew got next and people need to start paying attention, cause his next album that drops on Hollyween is gonna rock the world. Besides that, he already dropped a clean, tight-knit 8 track body of work earlier in the year, entitled “2/23/19.” The highlight of that project for me was personally his take on the classic IM THROWED. He “holds the south dine” in this one, spitting incredible analogies and rhymes over the Paul Wall & DJ Paul produced classic. I am still in awe how Kodie said: “Yea I heard you got a new hoe, I meet her like its post oak, then bang her likes its ocho (yougetit?)” The amount of over your head rhymes this man comes up with are insane, and he makes it all seem so effortless. I swear, one day Kodie is gonna get a Grammy for one of his bars in Three 6 Mafia fashion.


Izaya Tiji – Interlude

Tiji has been overlooked for years in the underground. So many people gloss over him and fail to be able to listen to his heart-warming vocals and his incredible use of flows. “Interlude” produced by Wifi off of his “Svelte in Designer” tape is no exception to the rapper’s incredible stat line. But in comparison to his other songs, this interlude hits different. The beat by Wifi alone could bring me to tears, as he samples the iconic “glassy sky” from Tokyo Ghoul. This sample along with the beautiful piano chords sparsed throughout the track fit together like bread and butter, and then you have Tiji’s vocals to top it all off with jam.


Lonny’s Picks

Lenny Oneway – Zooka

Connecticut’s own Lenny Oneway shines on the production by Abel Petit. Lenny offers a different type of atmosphere that is conveniently intimate and honest. If you like alternative music that’s not too distant from rap. Perfect for your late night drive Fall playlist.



DoubleLz & Bandokay Ft. Mitch – Mazza

For those that don’t know – OFB is a duo (DoubleLz and Bandokay). They have been ripping through tracks for awhile now but there’s something about this one. They recruited fellow artist Mitch for some support and the collaboration speaks volumes. Here’s a treat for my new era drill heads.


Dave – Psycho

Following the success of Top Boy Dave released his latest project Psychodrama. Psycho is one of the best songs on there. For those unfamiliar with Dave, he is a London based artist that has been killing the game for some time now. Not what you may expect when you press play (Probably will be better than you expect) very sturdy raps. 


Gang Starr Ft. J Cole – Family And Loyalty

Gang Starr featuring J. Cole. Do I really have to say more? God tier stuff, hard to even put words up against the power of the song. The beat is beautiful. Guru kills it. Very fresh Cole verse. Must listen.


Vintage Lee – Coach Lee

2 years removed from her last project Vintage Lee dropped Draw 2. I’m very biased. I love Vintage Lee. The beats she raps on and the overall style she brings to the table. Coach Lee falls right in line with the already evolving catalogue of Lee. 


Nick’s Picks

BoofPaxkMooky – 4

BoofPaxkMooky has been all over the place in September. Exclusives left and right. Serenading over an alluring beat from CashCasche and PVTJoker. Heavily auto tuned vocals entrap the listener into his world. This is recurring on most of his tracks. The man is making serious noise!


Duwap Kaine – Proper Etiquette

A spacy melody and vicious drum pattern set the scene for Kaine. ATLSensei and Hunzo take responsibility on that. A cadence of one liners apply Kaine’s etiquette. An array of designer finds its way into the mix. Louie seems to be the preference. Band talk. Runtz. That sums up a lifestyle we all would live.


Wiardon – Blindfold

Thelonious Martin has an ear for elegance. Turning a guitar loop that sounds like it could have come straight off of Led Zeppelin’s Mothership into pressure. Wiardon comes calm and collect. Exercising his intuition for what’s real and the way he moves on the daily.


Mavi – Two Piece

Hypnotic tones and subtle drums from Grimm Doza give Mavi an open court to work with. The floor is always open when the ball is in his hands. He orchestrates the delivery releasing his lyrics with affirmation. Doing so in a way that allows him to float over the instrumentation. Let The Sun Talk.


ATL Smook – 448

“I need me a mound, my backwood on baseball bat.” If you’re feeling rude you came to the right place. ATL Smook applies a series of potent one liners over Trixxx production. There is no disrespecting the rude, he can’t tolerate it. He also doesn’t know about the excessive cap that these people talk.