Mavi – Let The Sun Talk

Albums are meant to be heard from beginning to end. They are stories, artists are authors. Mavi makes the songs you have to read. Let The Sun Talk is a debut album that advocates for the truth. The freshly 20 year old artist takes us through his knowledgeable mind in only ways that he can. Expressing his thoughts through a variety of different flows, with single lines telling a million stories. His phrases all have depth. They leave room for connection, for thought.

A 32 minute masterpiece mixed by Abu and mastered by Nova Blu. The transitions are precise, each track blends together beautifully. Production itself is picked pristinely. Beats from Nephew Hesh, Ovrkast, Earl Sweatshirt, MIKE, and more make up the 13 songs. Soulful samples to darker, heavy sounds and everything in between. Each beat despite their differences comes together gloriously.

I could not write on this project immediately. It is something you have to listen to more than once, each time you recognize something new. His words are telling. They are true. They are powerful. Both in the history he depicts and his own experiences. With all the pressure you have to keep getting up. Finding something to believe in is necessary. It hurts when there’s nothing to believe in. The sun is going to come up everyday whether you like it or not. We have no way of stopping it. What are you going to do with it?