RewindRaps Is The “Unpopular Celebrity” We Actually Love

For the past two years, RewindRaps has done what seems impossible in todays underground. Without any major cosigns or handouts he has built a career for himself, using nothing but the power of social media and the rare influences of his music. But still, his name has yet to stick in underground rap conversations. That’s exactly why he may feel like an Unpopular Celebrity. The highly anticipated album is finally here, and while the conversations may still omit his name, his fans and those of us here at Fresh Fruit are well aware of the magnitude of this release.

With tracks like Unpopular Celebrity, produced by long time collaborator Oscar100, and They Hated Jesus, Rewind showcases an unprecedented amount of experimentation. The rest of the production, from the likes of Thrillboy, Charlie Shuffler, Mixed Matches, LJ, XanGang, Ohhmygodnick, Captain Crunch, and Jakesand, Rewind is allowed to go as far into that experimentation as he pleases, and each twist and turn of his vocals is as delicate as the melodies behind him. Check it out for yourself below and us know what you think.