Saturn – Omegle

After a long wait, Saturn, with the help of Angelus and Zoot, finally released his highly anticipated track “omegle”. The track was first teased way back in August with this snippet.

The snippet showcased a variety of things. As you may remember, Omegle is the website used to “Talk to Strangers Online!”, equipped with face filters of people from horror films, and the Jeff The Killer from his notorious creepypasta. To say this song was hyped cause of the snippet is an understatement. The snippet video garnered 3,000 views shortly after its release. While it doesn’t sound like a lot, for someone with only 600 followers, having a sixth of your following enjoy something you make is something to behold. tmrw:) never came, as the song was held in the vault for about 3 more months to be worked on. On October 12th however, the song finally debuted.

The song starts out with the pounding 808s you hear in the snippet followed by the tags of the two groups saturn is in bbloodhounds and novagang. After the tags we get the hear the eery and horrifying sounds melody. It feels as if it’s crawling on your skin and taking over you as you hear it. At about 13 seconds into the track, we get what sounds like a race car zooming away which then transitions into saturn’s vocals.

Run your mouth, I don’t care if it gets toxic // You the type to talk a lot so Ima talk shit // Eat your words in the dirt make you nauseous //

The vocals in this track go perfect with the melody, adding to the eery feeling I spoke about earlier.

As if the track wasn’t already hard enough, at the one minute mark Saturn decides to switch flows. Going for something faster, he makes pushes the beat to the background to make you focus on his lyrics.

Ugly but my bitch is super bad // Hit the bank and got a bag // Jonah Hill I slash my fat // They like “saturn why you do that, you fell off it’s pretty sad //

To make a beat like this, something with such intense energy to take the background, it really shows how much charisma and charm saturn has.

This song has been playing nonstop for the past two days. I’ve played it so much that during one of my listens, my headphones actually broke (R.I.P my Sennheiser’s). saturn made something that I believe will be a hit. It already has 9,000 plays and counting and it’s still growing. This is a track you have to check out.

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