Autumn – 4

It’s been five days since it’s release, but 4 is still just as refreshing, and arguably already one of the better projects to drop this year. Autumn‘s distance from the core underground scene is justified, as he and Summrs, along with the rest of Slayworld, have built an entire movement with no help from anyone other than their loyal fans.

4 ended our wait in style, giving us eleven addicting tracks produced by the likes of Iankon, Mike Frost, Fifty Grand, Ginseng, Nine9, Alexzander Pray, Wondergurl, XanGang, Benjicold, and Lame-O. Autumn frames this as an EP, but with the overall quality it’s worthy of being labeled an album. Moving through tracks like Wyd! in a conversational style rather than the usual flex-and-go is a refreshing touch and sets him apart from his peers. He’ll obviously release better music from here on out so keep an eye out for his next drop and check out 4 below.

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