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BK BK! BK Santana. BKTheRula. That name will ring bells if it doesn’t already. Almost a year ago this Atlanta artist began buzzing, it’s only been up from there. The release of “Faygo”, one of the eight tracks on her SoundCloud started doing numbers. She strategically keeps her content limited opposed to bombarding fans with tracks. A track every few months that does not lose its replay value.

At this point BK has solidified herself as a hit maker. Stressing quality over quantity. Keeping her following in a chokehold of anticipation. This has been a huge part of why her music sticks. She approaches each song with new energy. Her delivery is always distinct whether it be auto tuned and sedated or a more aggressive approach. Versatility that is still identifiable. Lyrics that certify her cool demeanor. 

“Tweakin’ Together” is undefeated. It’s playing in my headphones regularly, fits for any mood I’m in. A perfect display of her melodic flow over a spaced out beat. Zone out and run it back again. Then there’s “Left Right” that displays her ability to be more ecstatic. Hard lyrical context with razor sharp delivery. The latest of the eight is “Detox” produced by LeanSama. She taps back into a mellow, laid back sound and expresses herself. Another one to run up her score.

If you don’t have some BK in your likes on Soundcloud then we don’t have much to talk about. If you don’t use Soundcloud then go download that mf and tap in with her! She is headed straight up, next up. Hop on the wave before the hype. It’s coming, believe that.




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