Jurp – BetrayalVsTrust

The time has finally come, we needed new Jurp. After announcing a tape last month, BetrayalVsTrust arrives as promised. 13 tracks of glorious production and his unmatched vocals. Enlisting a number of producers; Cade, Yen5K, WoodPecker, Skys, deemarc, Skress, Acebankz, two4flex, basedtj, and rarrebear. He allowed everybody to get some shine with this project. Taking the spotlight of course is himself. There has not been a time the Georgia artist has fallen short with his music. From the moment he stepped on the scene every release has been certified heat. This is his most lengthy project to date. You can tell he took time and put his all into it. His vocal ability is reaching new ranks, his lyrics are hitting harder than ever. There is no stopping The Jurp!

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