Are We Close To Another Leap?

Do you remember what your taste in music was when Lil Uzi Vert flipped the industry on its head? Or Tyler The Creator? Chief Keef? Most likely, whatever your taste was at that point completely changed, and before you knew it you were listening to artists with even remotely similar sounds.

We don’t want to move on to fast from our favorite artists at the moment or try to predict the unpredictable, but it’s ok to ask if there’s a major leap in music creeping around the corner, and who could it come from? Uzi and Tyler are both international, and other artists who have helped steer the modern sound, like Carti, are starting to leave room for the next shift. But that’s all natural.

We couldn’t expect Chief Keef to hold on to his crown forever, even though he pretty much dethroned what was at the time labeled the second golden era of Hip-Hop. He and Speaker Knockers both opened doors for Carti and Uzi, who have in turned inspired whatever is around the corner. Whatever it is, it will bigger than anything we could imagine.

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