Producer Groups Prove There’s Still Strength In Numbers

Artists are able to do what few in any other industry can. They can create visions with visual and audio, sometimes in just hours or even minutes, all the while delivering an intimate message to the listener. The power of collaborations is hardly ever spoken of, but they carry just as much, if not double, the influence of solo work. As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. That is why groups like Brainfeeder, Flying Lotus’s weird and wildly imaginative collective turned indie label, have thrived for so many years. As we all may remember, BeastCoast wasn’t even a fully active thing until Joey and Flatbush Zombies made an official announcement of a collaborative album and tour between the three New York crews.

Yes, there have been several notable two or three man acts that have sprung up since then, but they may not have the potential to do something as game changing as the newest trend to sweep the underground. Producer groups. Neilaworld has quickly become a household name in a little less than a year. Already accomplishing incredible feats like nearly producing Tracy’s entire Anarchy album and landing spots on Billboard, the producer-led group has done plenty to boast about. But this is just the beginning for Neila and Fadedblackid, the young towering leader quietly calling shots behind the scenes.


Almost simultaneously other names have popped up, like Summrs and Autumn’s Slayyworld collective. Though standing offish and resisting to come into the mold of the rest of the underground, their incessant rise being known as producer-only to completely artist driven can’t be ignored. And while they may lack in Billboard accolades, they’ve quickly amassed a cult-like following with an innovative social media campaign.

Of course, we can’t go without acknowledging BigBabyGucci’s Forever World, originally donned 1500, who were among the first to bring like minded artists of all forms under one roof. With everything from rappers, videographers and designers, the group has continued to touch all nearly ever corner of the underground. More and more collectives are springing up by the day, and as this new trend will no doubt become much more than that one day it’s neither too early or late to give praise to those currently reinventing collaborative work.



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