ATL Smook’s “Rude Religion 2” Is A Sure Classic

ATL Smook is without a doubt one of the more seasoned and slept on artists in the underground, and his precision is something to admire. He’s entered the race for best project of the year with his new full length album Rude Religion 2. The entire tape is backed by several A-list producers like Akachi, Lifted, Zach808, Imfurious, Plutobrazy, Zenbeats, Litooo, Pvps, Dexter, Gren8, ZachOnTheTrack, Charlie Shuffler, Dkoolin, Valor, Skress, Uglyfriend, and Lulrose. Over fifteen captivating tracks, Smook crafts what is easily his best release yet, and it will be looked back on as a classic in the future. Check it out for yourself below and let us know what you think.

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