A Talk With Saint Lyor

As the year comes to an end, many artists are making it apart of their mission to end it off strong. In October I was gliding through LUCKI, Earl, Kanye, and Danny Brown’s latest projects. As November showed its face I been sitting back waiting for some more gems to fall from the sky. In my infinite discovery of music, Van Buren has been one of the most exciting groups to grace my attention in awhile. Recently, Saint Lyor dropped a song named Gossip. I clicked on the link as soon as I saw it. The song hit me with a wave of childhood innocence. The instrumental just holds so much life and Saint glides over the beat with no hesitation. I wanted to ask him a few questions about the song as the video was released today.


Lonny X: Yo

Saint Lyor: Lonny What up

What’s good bruh

Coolin it bro

What inspired this song?

I just wanted to make some dope shit. That’s my main focus anytime I get in the studio. Be as free as I want and do whatever makes sense to me at the time. And at the time niggas was talking a lotta shit so I made gossip. 

How was it like directing the video? Was it the first time you ever done something like this?

This was my first time directing a video but it came easy to me. Once you have a clear vision its just about execution. I knew I wanted to do something playful and weird so I’m happy with the end result. I know some niggas might not understand what I’m doing but that’s irrelevent to me. I do what I like and I like this shit and y’all gone like it too.

What’s next for Saint Lyor?

More music, more videos, more content. I’m currently working on a project and hoping to release it sometime early next year. But for now I’m focused on being consistent and gettin my name out there.  

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