Lucki Is The Voice And Savior Of Every Depressed Teenager

As the days grow bitter and more cold, the sky turns grey and foggy, the rain and white crisp snow flakes begin to trod on us, we all need a savior. Our soul begins to wither away into the abyss and vacant marathon that is our head and our mindsets begin to reflect the weather. Nothing ever really helps, the pleasure of music begins to cease, scrobbles of our favorite songs begin to falter, and mornings are continued with the absence of any sound other than our nonsensical, morbid thoughts. The days drag on and on yet the weeks and months stack upon each other until were right smack in the middle of December of the next year thinking, “Where did time go?”

Time is the one villain that never ceases to block our path, blocking our gateways to a pinch of happiness; and every time I come close, it seems like I always get shot down. The clock never stops moving and my legs begin to falter and refuse to get up, it becomes a chore to even use the restroom, get any food, water, simply put, “everything I choose my stomach throw it, away.” The days blur and intertwine, and I’m left stuck in my head, reminiscing on a jumbled mess of memories that never are the least bit coherent. Most nights end up with me alone in my bathroom, in tears, muffling the cries with my white T-shirt as the night sky still making rackets, trains pass by, cars honk, dogs bark, everything remains loud, nothing is ever quiet. The only person, the only artist, the only musician who makes it ok to live, ok to go on, and feel like I’m not alone, is Lucki.


Lucki, the self-renowned underground king, now aiming for the stars and longs for the stage, to shine like the glory boy he is, deserves every ounce of success that is coming his way. 2019 has undoubtedly been the greatest year of his career, he’s creating and dropping the music he wants to make, while also making a hefty profit and gaining thousands and thousands of more fans in the process.

Freewave 3 was a tale of heartbreak, and his recent project, entitled Days B4 3 was a tight, compact 15 song bundle of experiments, that were extremely successful. I was a tad afraid in the roll out for the project coming so soon after such a well-executed album as Freewave 3, a project that is already so dear to my heart, got me through a cold winter, as every Lucki project does. He’s the only artist that never fades away in my playlists, he always remains. Hundreds and hundreds of Lucki songs will forever play throughout my years until I end up on a shirt.

I’m not sure what it is, I suppose it’s his soothing cadence, the impeccable and infectious “woah aye’s,” his remarkable ear for production, his various pockets of flows, his ever-increasing range of styles, or his beautiful and creative punchlines that never escape my morbid consciousness; but Lucki’s music resonates with me. It resonated with me when I was nothing more than a mere 12 year old in 7th grade listening to Son of Sam & Freewave 1, and still resonates with me as a 16 yr old in 11th. I’m not saying Lucki’s music is a cure or anything but it certainly helps.

I’ll always have impending thoughts of doom, jumping off a bridge, have the mind of sonic; with every memory, every living moment flashing around in my head giving me ever-growing anxiety that never halts. But there’s also days where I’m happy, truly joyful, in my element. And whenever I am, you can always catch me knodding my head, slowly moving side to side on the edge of my bed listening to the Luckster.