Tedy Andreas – Andreas Soriano

As avid Tedy Andreas listeners, we all remember where we were the first time that we heard his 2015 classic Mercedes, or the summer that led up to his 2017 project In2Deep, with all of the anticipation and mystery surrounding it up to that point. Two years later, here we are on the cusp of another musical shift, yet again waiting to hear what Tedy has to say.

Andreas Soriano starts off with a clip from one of former New York Yankees All-Pro Alfonso Soriano’s crowning moments, a grand slam to give his team the win in extra innings. You could say that it’s a metaphor for where Tedy is at right now in his career, that everything up to now has led to a crowning moment of his own. The first track on this record F_cked Up gives us a glimpse into the frustration of Andreas, as he wails in an intoxicated tone; “Motherf*ck it all dawg.. / ..I got a scheme for the money, we can all ball.” That alone sets the tone for the length of the project, a very open and honest statement from Tedy possibly reflecting on the harsh road that led to this point, and only he knows where it ends.

Throughout the project we’re presented with a stellar supporting cast from Freddie Gibbs, Adonis, and GEO, making their presence felt on multiple tracks. In all honesty every cut on this record has single potential, backed by incredible production especially on two of my favorite tracks, Uneasy and Time Splitters. The 20-minute run time makes the project an easy listen to come back to, I find myself catching a new bar or metaphor each time I run it back. The finale here Don’t Cry serves as a bittersweet ending to a triumphant moment in Andreas’ catalog, as he reflects on past struggles and trials. In conclusion, this project is merely just the beginning for what Tedy has in store, but also a moment to enjoy for all those who stuck around Tedy up until now. It’s a home run in all aspects, and everyone who supports Tedy should be proud. Listen to Andreas Soriano below, and be sure to stay posted on new music from Andreas in the near future.