Women Will Continue To Dominate Rap In 2020

2019 has been a memorable year. Between Lil Nas X’s rapid and unprecendented rise and Da Baby’s uninterrupted streak that has yet to reach its peak, it’s the women in rap that have filled the voids of their counterparts. Whereas Cardi B is beginning to show signs of stalling, Rico Nasty and Megan The Stallion have picked up the torch, controlling both the summer and fall seasons. Yung Baby Tate has successfully taken over Atlanta and now has her eyes set on greater accolades.

The underground is even witnessing it’s own changing of the guard moment. Hook has already captured the ears of Riverside and Rico. Her online presence has entered its viral phase, and soon that will only help her amass a fanbase that will propel her even higher.



Just a days drive away, Atlanta’s next big star BKTheRula is putting the pieces together for her own world tour. If you doubt that, keep in mind that she has a strong style resemblance to Duwap Kaine, who even Earl Sweatshirt couldn’t resist dedicating the end of his Camp Flog Naw set to. But regardless, BK has an untapped talent that has molded some of the best female acts of the decade. A changing of the guard moment is happening right now across the board. The next few years will be both interesting and historic.