A Sit Down With Revenxnt

Artistry is much more than being a producer or rapper, it’s a combination of those and and a need to express creativity. It comes in different forms, and Revenxnt embodies a lot of those rare components of artistry. His captivating performances of production for the likes of Da$h and GRiMM DOZA have helped him standout, but each credit could be a standalone piece, putting him in a entirely different category. We had a chance to talk with him about his current projects, his upbringing, and the genius behind his creations.
Lonny X: Yo

Revenxnt: Yur what’s poppin it’s Revenxnt.

What’s good? Let the people know what you’re up to right now. I’m sure they’re curious.

It’s mad videos I’ve recently directed & shot that I’m editing right now, many of those also produced by me. Got tapes & tracks I produced with mad niggas that’s gone drop soon too, along wit a major beat tape called Esperanza. Been painting and designing on the side, trying to maintain the balance.

I feel like you had one of the most productive and active years, I’ve been hip to you for at least 2 or 3 full years now but this seemed like the year everything started to really click for you. Do you agree?

I fully agree. Even though throughout life my hustle always been this way, this definitely been my greatest year in terms of rising up. But to me, I’m just scratching the surface & there’s mad plans I got for 2020 that gone really shake shit up.

I have a lot of respect for you because you make sure that no one can put you in a box. I relate to that. Where does it stem from? Were your parents super artistic?

My parents was both artistic but I’ve been painting ever since I could use my fingers & anything I’ve learned about art has been self-taught. There are too many mediums & methods to creating, that putting yourself in a box would only be a liability. Theres nothing I can’t do simply cause I’m ready to plan and put the work in at any given moment.

How did you come up with your name? Does it symbolize a deeper meaning? If so are you willing to share?

In French it represents someone who returns, often from the dead, which is how I felt when I chose it. Coming out of struggle puts you in an undefeated mindset & the name had fit me.

How long have you been seriously pursuing a career in art?

All my life. Was painting with my fingers at 2, graphic designing at 11, photography 2 years after, eventually followed by music production & videography. But my goal was to work for myself and not for others. I don’t need any boss tryn’ govern my work so I became my own boss.

How do you come up with concepts for music videos?

If it’s for a track I produced, I already know the feeling I was aiming to emit sonically so doing it visually afterwards is easy. Otherwise, I just base it off whatever I first feel when hearing the song. I don’t like to force art, I let ideas flow naturally. Sometimes I have to really sit with it if I’m writing out a whole treatment.

Have your parents always been supportive?

No but I feel no way, I knew there was always greatness in my future.

Fuck all this serious shit for a second though, let me know what you would do with $10 at the cornerstore.

Off rip niggas getting the discount sandwich cause papi fuck with me so that’s $3. Add 2 bags of cookies and make that $5, along with $3 worth of water bottles. Gone add some fruit in there too with the rest cause they be for the low & health is wealth.

Tell me bout New Jersey..big fan of all your work but it seems like you’re tapping in with a lot of the big talent as well as the up and comers..who’s really on your radar?

I’ve worked with a large amount of the people I’ve wanted to, whether it was producing or directing or designing or painting. But I still wanna link with Earl cause we spoke recently after he started following me. Also fuck with Alchemist and wanna produce/direct for niggas in Griselda. But shout out all the niggas I’m cool with that’s doing they thing, we gone continue pushing out this heat.

What’s your best beat?

First beat off my Fractions beat tape. Sampled Brandy and put her vocals over some piano.

Do you have any role models?


Does your life but reflect in your work? If so how would you put it?

Every aspect of myself and own experiences is reflected in my work, primarily my paintings and beats. I let my mind and emotions do the creating.

Any upcoming projects or events to look forward to?

Esperanza beat tape. Documentary with Da$H, scored and edited by me. Tapes wit Man-Z and Lord Apex sitting in the cut. Beats with GRiMM Doza as always. Video for a Madlib track among others. The list goes on forreal but I got a lot for niggaz.

Thank you for your time man if you have any last words feel free to speak.

Appreciate those who continue to support me and you as well for the interview.