Fresh Fruit Songs Of The Decade

Music is everything. Music is the only thing that keeps us as a society sane. It creates a world to seep through and escape from the constant bores that life entails. It prevents us from spiraling into a downward delirium by offering a pill that eases the mind, eases our thoughts, eases our anxiety, eases our morbid thoughts. The days go by like clockwork, the tiny arrow pointed line never ceasing to spin around like rapid fire, causing days to intertwine and feel like the same endless day with nothing changing except the clothes we wear and the few weather turbulence’s that change day, after day, after day, after day.

For some, music is the only reason we get through a period of our lives, a period where everything all around us is nothing but dark, all we hear is pure nothingness and vapid; we wake up go to a job or school and come home and do it all over again. Breakfasts become nothing more than mere chores, appetites falter all the way into lunch, then before you know it dinner comes by and you realize that you haven’t eaten anything except half a stale strawberry pop tart or a 50 cent cake from the gas station.

It becomes harder to listen to teachers, harder to look up, and harder to pay attention to the people around you because really the only thing you can do is disassociate into the void that is our minds. And that is never a luxury vacation, it’s a ever-growing tug-o-war battle that keeps on extending till the leaves fall down and crumble 10 ft. beneath the ground.

Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do if I had to go through a day without the sweet, precious voices of the god-given angels that comprise drain gang or the smooth, groggy “woah aye’s” of Lucki. The artists and songs help shape the person I am, they help shape my days, my views and my moods. It’s the one thing on this earth that can make the worst day of my life into the most joyful and one to be excited about.

All the artists that come and go, some blow up, some stay in the underground, it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, the only thing that’s left is the art, the music itself. We’ve seen so many eras come and go, so many trends fly by and fall into long-forgotten fads from the legendary Tumblr rap era to the now fading Soundcloud Era, it’s felt like we’ve seen centuries fly by over the course of the decade.

Heaps of new artists emerge on the scene every year, creating beautiful new sounds that help elevate our moods and put a smile on our faces. It’s been a long decade, one that’ll never be forgotten, so in honor of that, we here at Fresh Fruit have decided to put together a list of our favorite songs of the 2010s:


BladeeDumpster Baby

Ecco2k & BladeePlastic Surgery

Unotheactivist & ThouxanbanfauniAmazing

Sky FerrieraEverything Is Embarassing

Speaker KnockerzErica Kane


Bootychaain & CartiMilkshake

Yung LeanYoshi City

A$AP Rocky & ScHoolboy QHands on the Wheel

Robb BanksCountin

$uicideboy$Kill Yourself (Part 3)

Denzel CurryDark & Violent ft. JK The Reaper & Nell

Lil Ugly ManeThrow Dem Gunz

SpaceghostpurppBlackland Radio 66.6 (I can’t choose a single favorite Purpp track so yea this tape in its entirety by default)



Lil TracyWait Hollup

Lil Peep & Lil TracyWhite Wine

AbraPull Up

Charli XcxRoll With Me

ChromaticsBack From The Grave



Toro y MoiSo Many Details

Bankroll FreshBehind the Fence

Lana Del ReyVideo Games

Kali UchisLonely

GleeshTrappin Benny

ThouxanbanfauniStand For Sum

Playboi CartiBroke Boi

Young Thug & Metro Boomin –  The Blanguage

Travis Scott & ThuggerSkyfall

Lil Uzi VertTeam Rocket

Earl SweatshirtGrief

Yung Bans & Carti4tspoon

6 dogsFaygo Dreams

Night LovellContraband

Linkin ParkVictimized

Frank OceanUnity

BalloutWat U Got w/ Gleesh & Capo

Vince StaplesNorf Norf

WintertimeThru It All

Lil YachtyFucked Over

21 SavageDip Dip


Xavier WulfWulf Titan

Chris TravisCrunch Time

Ecco2kDon’t Ask

Trippie Redd & Juice Wrld1400/999 Freestyle

ICYTWAT Outta State Pussy

Spooky BlackWithout U 

Joey Bada$$Waves

LuckiEverything Out$ide