BBY KODIE Releases “No Friends & Kodie 2” And “HNYTMO / BIN LADEN”

The Kodie Kardashian is back ladies and gentlemen and he is not playing with none of his opps this year. Him and his crew Hollyworld have built their rapid growing fanbase from the ground up with no handouts, only their artistic vision and insane musical talents. From the range of producers they closely associate with including No Friends, Paris Aden and TravionKB, all of them offer a variety of sounds and bring out a new version of Kodie.

One of the main things I love and admire about Kodie is his consistent output. He has always found a way to keep his fans fed while perfecting his personal albums and honing in on his sound. Whether it’s his second half White Forst selflessly releasing a song or two over the of the months or a few experimental songs or throwaways popping up on CelineArchive, he’s always releasing new content while keeping an ever-growing vault of songs. About 2 months ago he dropped the powerhouse album Vogue which featured Kodie at his best yet (still no where close to his peak), floating over some of the most splendid production (listen to the moody piano melody on 465-599-6753 and report back to me) while delivering incredible rhyme schemes and his mind-blowing punchlines and over your head rhymes (You get it? I bet you didn’t stupid, duh).

Two months later, he’s back again with a brand new collaborative EP with lilscamlikely in No Friends & Kodie 2. It’s the sequel to its past May released predecessor which had notable tracks like Jumpin In and R. Kodie. Unlike a majority of sequel albums and films, this one hits just like the last and in ways is a step up from the previous installment. Compared to the last one, which I enjoyed (who could listen to Jumpin In and not), this one has much more cohesion. From start to finish you could tell they made most of the songs with an idea of where they wanted to go, a vision, rather than just a handful of songs they had in the works like the last one.

No Friends production is splendid as ever on here, with him delivering Kodie with the perfect mix of euphoric melodies and hard drum and bass. Or sometimes he switches it up and goes a bit more alternative and obscure like on Toy. It’s may be a bit of a minimalist beat but it works so well, with the off-kilter melody that surprisingly compliments Kodie well. It’s like the two fusioned together and cooked up a banger that I could see making crowds go wild at the next DONT DIE.

Every beat on here makes me feel like I’m sitting in the shoes of Brad Pitt in Ad Astra on the way to space with the mission of a lifetime, and paired together with Kodie’s rhymes, they both paint a vivid picture that makes me think back to scenes from Paid in Full and Belly. From songs like God Father Flow which makes me feel like Kodie was recording while watching Scarface, to groovy tracks like R. Kodie 2 which feel like I’m riding in a Matte Black Benz in the early 2000s, every song on here is certified fresh.


Besides that generous gift, Kodie dropped off a love letter to his opps in HNYTMO / Bin Laden. He mysteriously posted a 50 second snippet of it on his IG in the evening yesterday as well as a minute preview on his story, but it’s since has vanished. But he decided to release it on the Hollyworld Youtube account, and it was just as fire as it sounded in the snippet. Kodie came with the energy on this one, starting it off with “Happy New Years to my Opps/I know yall fuckin’ with the boy until he flops, but I will never let that happen that’s on my pops.” He speaks the truth and let’s everything in his mind out and into the mic, delivering a greeting to all those who doubted him and all those watching from a distance but never showing love; always ready to flip over like a coin toss if anything goes awry. In the words of Kodie, “Happy new years to my opps, this one’s for you.” Check it out below