Memorable Moments Of 2019

Another great year of music has concluded and we’re now five days into another. The underground is still buzzing with releases and announcements from both seasoned artists and newcomers. Let’s take a look back at some of the great moments of the year.

Trademark ‘s Picks

Through the year started off a bit slower than usual, Lucki changed all of that with Freewave 3. The third installment to his notorious series only carried him further and pretty much guaranteed his legacy as underground king. Not to mention the rare production credit from Earl.

We wanted to keep this list to memorable moments, but we couldn’t leave out Neila’s incredible movement. The group kept a hold on the entire summer and most of the fall and winter seasons. Several members have left and several have been added, but not before landing spots on billboard and releasing incredible projects. Their four track Supernova tape was the culmination of the groups unmatched talents and work ethic.


It’s been a while since we first covered 645ar, and witnessing him capture Atlanta’s underground attention in a few months time was nothing short of incredible. Since then he’s garnered attention from Trinidad James and even Gary Vee.

Pinpointing BigBabyGucci’s best moment of 2019 is hard. To name only a few, his well received album SEND HELP to the underground by storm, with Drop Top Lexus becoming a classic on its own, and he and Kevin Kazi found time to answer fans demand for collaboration, becoming American Terrorists and releasing their hit Summer In 06.

Nick Shew’s Picks


Anything and everything that Griselda Records had their hand in turned to gold. Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher, and Conway put Buffalo on the map after years of hard work. This is nothing new to them but 2019 undoubtedly set the movement in stone, they embodied what Hip-Hop is meant to be. It had been a long time coming, they sit on the throne now. Frontrunners of a major shift in music, a necessary shift. Buffalo Kids. 


Mavi stepped into the sunlight this year. Anybody with any sense or ear heard his outstanding project, Let The Sun Talk. He made a drastic leap in the right direction. Bringing back genuineness, substance, and healing through his music. This is food for the mind, body, and soul. The production has a timeless stamp, beat selection that takes the listener through loop holes, changing our emotions with each transition. The Sun spoke, we listened. 


Lil Big Man made my life flash before my eyes, all within the duration of 10 tracks. Potent, thoughtful tracks. Remembering the past vividly while still speaking so presently. Maxo is one of a kind, he puts the listener into his point of view. Connecting the listener to his experiences, experiences that they themselves relate to.


Flee and Stoopidxool made a statement at the end of the summer. If you never tapped into Xool Summer, you played yourself. Flee doesn’t get the credit he deserves, the versatility in his vocals is not something to take lightly. Over these 18 tracks he switched flows left and right, melodic to direct, autotune to raw, you name it, he did it. Each delivery executed with the utmost finesse. StoopidXool put listeners into a different dimension. His enthralling production was sharper than ever.


Boston stood up in 2019, Kadeem made sure of that. World Sport had it all, classic funky jazz samples to sounds that you would escape from an undisclosed area on a speed boat to. Ten tracks, ten seems to be the perfect number. Raps, thrills, and relaxation. A trifecta.


We waited three years for the second installment of Rude Religion, it was well worth it. Diamonds, designer, exotic gas, foreign cars, and simply taking off like a rocket. The epitome of rudeness. ATL Smook is still living by the rude rule book and provided the essential update with this project. 


BKTheRula had the song of the year, I don’t care what anyone has to say. “Tweakin’ Together” is nothing less than a classic. In your headphones, in the function, in the whip, in the crib, constant replay value. She put her all into the vocals, the beat makes you float. If this comes on around the homies under any circumstances, we are going up. 


You did great Larry, you can do no wrong. Larry June kept a fresh soundtrack for the real ones whenever he felt it was needed. It is always needed. Play all of them in a day and you will get right to it, I guarantee that. This is what Larry does, he gets to it. Consistency, good health, and keeping it player have brought him this far. He has built an empire for himself and positively impacts his listeners lives through his motivational bars. 


Baby Smoove and Vuhlandes will not be forgotten anytime soon. They could not miss with their visuals, each one was a movie. Detroit in general had a grasp on Hip-Hop, the sound these artists brought will keep a wave going well into 2020 and beyond. Smoove made one of the biggest impacts with his effortless flow and the truth in his lyrics. Vuhlandes captured this in real time with their visuals, making the simplicity of everyday life cinematic.