Here’s Some Houston Artists You Need To Know In 2020

Yung Ro
The first Houstonian we think you should add to your playlists is Meek Mill’s latest addition to his Dream Chasers roster Yung Ro. Ro has built a following so organic at such a fast pace there’s no limit to what we can expect from him this year.

Peso Peso
TSF’s newest emerging star has the entire state behind him as he infuses Latin culture with trap music, making a sound beyond unique and true to the rising star’s roots. Get familiar with Peso Peso as he’s bound to be making more noise in 2020.

BBY Kodie
Serving to be Houtson’s golden child and youngest prolific talent is none other than BBY Kodie. With memorable punchlines and an unparalleled swagger it’s hard to not love this future star.

WAV is an artist you may not appreciate until it’s too late. Surprisingly the Lil Tecca affiliated artist is from Houston and remarkably has a sound that is in a lane of it’s own. Get familiar with WAV in 2020 as you’re bound to see much more of him in 6 months time.

Lil Jairmy
Notable for his street heavy presence, Lil Jairmy is well worth paying attention to as he’s rev’d up local hoods across America along with receiving credible co signs such as Lil Baby.

Rap-A-Lot’s resurgence to dominance lies in the future of this young prospect. With swift wordplay and an ever so evolving flow, LilJaySoIcy is the perfect forerunner for the label’s new wave.

D Flowers
Arguably what’s bound to be Maxo Kream’s living legacy is Alief, Texas’ D Flowers. With a persona that embodies his struggle, Flowers flow is everything you need to hear and more.

Fade Em All
The only non-rap artists to make this list and rightfully so. This young punk group has packed out venues nearly every other week in Houston for the past two years with a fan base that’s spreading like wildfire.

Slow and steady wins the race, and that’s something we could all learn from Southeast Houston rapper, Doeman. With a flow that was traditionally labeled as conventional, he has stood the test of time by delivering nothing but memorable bars. There’s nothing light about this upstarts flow and he’s bound to make a splash this year as Latin rap continues to grow.

Enzo McFly
Houston’s youngest veteran has shown he has a lot to offer in a short span of time. From serving out one of the city’s most popular single’s Don’t Get It, featuring Kenny Lou to working with notable acts such as Megan Thee Stallion, Enzo is only continuing to elevate his sound and work ethic.

Josh Kream
Making his rap debut this year is Josh Kream, younger brother of Houston legend Maxo Kream. Ironically having a sound similar to Maxo’s, Josh gives a cadence that has a lot of the things we love about Maxo, minus the dark approach we’ve grown to love from Maxo.

1501’s newest prolific addition and arguably the best addition they’be made since Megan Thee Stallion. Reminding us a lot of Stunna 4 Vegas, D-Raww embodies a drill like flow that keeps fans on edge.

FMB Longmoney
A Houston heavyweight that has a lot to prove in this year as his name holds more weight than any one single alone. This is one Houston rapper that is a hit away from receiving their big break.

Yung Vacay
Vacay is a melodic mastermind that turned his natural ability to finesse into a sub genre of rap. This rising talent is bound to continue to turn heads as he improves drastically with every new release.

Last but not least is a female emcee by the name of Lix. With a sound so distinct and a style so unique, LIX is bound to be one of the hottest female artists to emerge from Houston this new year. Although her flow sways away from conventional cadences, she is well worth the listen as she compiles all the things that make a good song.