How Independent German Label Fxck Rxp Is Putting Value Back In the Hand of the Artist



What is the importance of music in the physical form? For starters, the value increases significantly. Streaming music has devastated the value down to decimals of a dollar per stream. Secondly, the artistry is complete and in its fullest form. Vinyl, cassette, CD, these are items a passionate listener appreciates, these listeners still exist all over. They see the music as it should be, as art, treated as a Warhol, or Van Gogh piece would be. Physical formats serve as a reminder to how much work, thought, time, and execution the artist put into the finished product. That is a basic explanation but you get the point.

People who provide a platform for artists and make the distribution of these formats possible, people like Robert Kupiaj of Fxck Rxp, they are the ones making a huge change. Fxck Rxp is a one-man show, run by Robert out of Dortmund, Germany. Taking the term “Independent Record Label” completely literally, he does it all by himself. He has an exceptional ear for music, specializing in Hip-Hop at this point, but he also ran a Metal label prior to pursuing his long-term love of Hip-Hip. He puts his full faith into his preferences, and it works. In 2017 he started out with cassettes then after fast success he ventured into all formats. The first official release was with Rochester’s esteemed emcee Pounds for his Heavy Lies The Crown project. Fxck Rxp is not the traditional label, rather it runs more as a manufacturing and distribution platform. The artist is not bonded by any contract, they are not signing paperwork, he simply reaches out to offer his services to the artists he believes are worthy. That is one hell of a genuine practice.



Robert has an ear for some of the rawest Rap the streets have to offer. It is clear he knows what he’s looking for. The artists he works with speak for themselves, they all find themselves in the top-tier of their craft. He has collaborated with artists from many different pockets of underground Hip-Hop, turning their audio masterpieces into something they, and their fans, can physically hold, display, admire, as art in the fullest form. Artists including: Rome Streetz, V Don, Adonis, Al Divino, Ankhlejohn, $ha Hef, Eto, Crimeapple, Big Kahuna OG, Camoflauge Monk, Fly Anakin, Koncept Jack$on, Hus Kingpin, Billie Essco, Armand Hammer, Estee Nack, Lukah, the list goes on. If you’re familiar with any of those names, you know Robert is in tune with some of the realest on the mic and behind the boards.

Fxck Rxp is doing something special, a one-man label, everything goes through him and only him. There are no outside opinions or motives, Robert has established everything to this point off of his instinct, his ear. Everything down to the shipping and handling is done by him. The connection he makes with the artist is far more genuine than a normal label-artist relationship. Artists who pass his ear are introduced to the true benefits of their craft, they can sell their product at a price that appreciates the work put in more favorably. Opposed to simply getting paid the insufficient amount from streaming services.

The blueprint is effective, it is proof that people still care about music deeply, beyond a stream. Transforming the way that new music will be taken in, giving artists a more sustainable option, and expanding to audiences all over the world. Fxck Rxp is a leader in bringing the value back to the music and putting it into the hands of the independent artist. Robert shows no sign of taking his foot off the gas in 2020, continuing to shine light on the artists he finds deserving. With a number of upcoming new releases set up, and pushing previous releases with the same energy. There is no limit to where the label is headed.