Rotation: Week One

A rotation is something that everyone has, songs that they keep going back to routinely. Whether your preferences change daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly, you still have a rotation. I mostly listen to R&B and different pockets of Hip-Hop throughout the day but some songs stick. These songs can be new or old, there are no rules to what enters the rotation, it is determined by yourself. This series takes the songs that are running in my current rotation each week. Find something to put in yours:

Fly Anakin & Big Kahuna OG – Mood Swings (prod. Statik Selektah)

Fly Anakin and Big Kahuna OG on a Statik Selektah beat, that’s golden. Not just any Statik beat, this one calls for a duo that can complement the elegance. Couldn’t have done better than plugging in the mutants to bring their lyrical expertise into the mix.


Wiardon – a lot for the low (prod. 808spinz)

808spinz introduces the scene with drawn out ominous chords, you can bet the 808s showed up next. Wiardon starts talking his shit right off rip, he always knows how to keep it straightforward. Counting up, scheming, and everything in between.


Tony Shhnow – Fly Water Fish (prod. Cashcache & 78glaciers)

An underw6ter exclusive, Tony Shhnow was sliding, flying, and floating all over “Fly Water Fish”. Cashcache and 78glaciers gave him a beat to maneuver up in the clouds on. Trap Star Music.


PlutoBanz – Heavy Rank (prod. Level)

“Heavy Rank” brought to us by 50K Radio, Level snapped on the beat. PlutoBanz is speaking some real rude business, big bank, heavy rank. RR lifestyle.


Rome Streetz – Blood All Over the Money (prod. Tru Mentillz)

I’ve ran this whole project back multiple times the past week but this is my favorite right now. It was “96 Nauti Windbreaker Shit” back when it first released, every song is timeless. Rome Streetz knows how to tell a story, he portrays many different angles of the game on “Blood All Over the Money”. Each one ending particularly in tragedy.


BoofPaxkMooky – Cat N Tha Hat! (prod. CashCache)

Cashcache released a great project titled I Love Cashcache! featuring underground’s finest over his influential beats. His unique style always keeps me entertained. BoofPaxkMooky has been constantly held my attention for months, the dude has new songs out all the time. He never bricks either, “Cat N Tha Hat” is no different.


ATL Smook – Red Lights (prod. Bangskott)

Keep your rotation rude, ATL Smook can always get anyone active. This GOLD exclusive has been on repeat, Bangskott provides thrilling production. “Shoes orange, but they’re Off White.”


heffy – This Year Feat. Komla (prod. heffy)

Heffy puts on a showcase over “This Year”, exhilarating production and juiced vocals. The appearance from Komla gives balance with his gritty flow. Real heat right here.


10KDunkin & Tony Shhnow – Can’t Go (prod. NoirBrent)

10KDunkin and Tony Shhnow over a next-level NoirBrent beat. I can’t stress enough how hard this goes. DJ Phat and Shoku Radio presented an insane exclusive with “Can’t Go”. “On my body this is Rick, but I catch plays, Terrell Owens!”


Lil Gotit – Hoes On My Line (prod. Yung Icey & Fore’n)

Yung Icey and Fore’n cooked up something potent for Lil Gotit on “Hoes On My Line”. The beat is hypnotizing, Gotit brings his usual combination of energetic ad libs and drip focused phrases.


Veeze – Time Tell All Feat. Peezy & Coach Joey (prod. Reuel StopPlaying)

Veeze says each line with confidence, he packs his verses with memorable one-liners. Peezy and Coach Joey both get off on their verses with ease. A bold beat from Reuel StopPlaying ties it all together. Navy Wavy.